If you are considering looking closer at the opportunity described on the Home page it would be nice to know who you will be dealing with. If you pick up your phone and dial my number I will be the one answering it. Serving the hopes, dreams, and Real Estate goals of ALL who have picked up their phones to call me has fulfilled all MY hopes, MY dreams and My Real Estate goals. I use the word MY only as a way to show you that YOU are effecting MY life when we communicate with each other. There really is no MY. The word MY is just a word I use to distinguish my reality from yours. My reality has no EGO. I recognized many years ago that my mind, which allowed the ego to be created in the first place, needed to be turned off and only used when I needed it. So there is no Me, or My. There is only a skin container called body that provides a learning center for our immortal Spirits. That Spirit could really care less about who you think you are. The spirit knows that the reality your mind has created about who you think you are will not come with your spirit when it goes back to where it came from. That person you think you are is nothing more than an accumulated history of conditioning observed by your senses for however long you have allowed the current culture to hypnotize your brain.

       I have been a Real Estate Investor for the last 50 years. I have been a truth seeker from the moment I escaped the womb. My first investment in Real Estate was made in 1963 when I was 21 years old and had just married my childhood sweetheart two days after she turned 18 years old. We were a couple of kids still growing up together. The only difference was now we had a license to have children. We bought two homes on one lot just after we were married. We lived in one and rented out the other. Within three years we had a boy and a girl. I worked for The Western Electric Company for 17 years during which time I got my BA degree in Music, played as a professional principal trumpet player in several Bay Area orchestras, had 27 private music students, continued my life long search to discover what I was doing on this planet, and built monthly positive cash flow  in the Real Estate industry. Except for the eight hours a day I sold my time & sanity to The Western Electric Company, life was good. 

        My wife's family lived in Washington and she was home sick. So in 1977 I quit my jobs said goodbye to all my friends and family and we moved to Shelton to start a second life together.The Broker who sold us five acres, just 2 miles North of Shelton, offered me a job. I got my Real Estate license and began selling Real Estate for Century 21 Jerry Smith Realty. Four years later I got my Brokers license and opened RH&L(Righteousness Health & Love) Realty. It was not by choice that I formed my own Real Estate Company. My broker at Century 21 did not want to manage rental properties and my investors, who were also my friends, wanted me to manage their properties. I had to get my own brokers license so I could have a trust account for their money. I hired an administrative assistant to do the office paper work  of managing the rental properties while I did the field work and began looking for new real estate opportunities for my investor friends. This all happened in the late 70's, early 80's when interest rates were at double digits and nobody was buying real estate. Kind of like today's Real Estate market but for another reason. I needed to produce more money for my new business so I went to work for Painter Financial Group in Bellevue doing financial planning for all my investor friends. The income from the financial planning I did for my friends provided enough money to allow me to buy my own office building in 1982 on the North end of Shelton. Through the 80's & 90's I accumulated 55 properties, with the help of the people running my companies. Lester Sousley, a retired lieutenant colonel with an MBA degree ran my real estate company, John Robertson a retired PUD district manager, ran the property management company, & Marley Young, retired Mason County road engineer ran my development company, &  my son ran the construction company. I owe all the benefits of the freedom I enjoyed to the people I have associated with.

        In 2000  I sold off enough property so I could spend most of my time with the person I loved unconditionally. She passed in 2009 after 50 glorious years together. The wealth and positive cash flow I created, using property as my tool was for her. I wanted to spend as much of my time as possible with her. No man could love a women more than I loved her. I consider myself truly a blessed man to have had the privilege of living 50 years with an angel. Unconditional love is the absolute essence of life. If you have that in your life you have everything life has to offer you. It is a very special gift to treasure, as nothing on this planet will ever be more precious to you once you have experienced IT. When my wife's spirit left her body, I picked up my horns again, after 35 years of not touching them, to find solace for my grief, in my music. It is now 6 years later, & I am still deeply in love with my wife's Spirit and enjoying my second profession like never before. You must be in great health and have tremendous lung capacity to play the trumpet on a professional level. I take very good care of my body so that I can enjoy each and every day,in great health, as if it were my last. The Bible said that THE WORD or (SOUND brought this all into existence). That make clear sense to me.  I use some of my time enjoying music(Sound frequencies), some communing with nature on our beautiful planet(Earth frequencies) but most of my time is spent in spiritual enlightenment(Spiritual frequencies) knowing The I AM that I am.. Everything in the universe is energy which creates frequencies. The process of increasing our individual spiritual frequencies, is the only reason we took up residence in this skin suit of ours. If humanity is to survive, all minds must be freed from ego's captivity, set free and used only in connection with spacious awareness coming from the source of consciousness.You are not your mind. You are the conscious awareness of the "I" that has not been, nor ever will be, changed, by time.
     I hope these explanations have helped you understand who I am and why I no longer need to keep producing more wealth and net positive cash flow. When I was with my wife I used money as a tool to enhance the enjoyment of my time spent with her. One of my biggest pleasures in life was watching the way she handled having anything her angelic heart desired. Without her I don't need money. It never had an attraction for me, I only made and used it to provide happiness for me through her. Now that she is gone the reason is gone. 

          The world economy is in chaos. Lenders won't lend, investors won't invest, buyers won't buy, and sellers can't sell. Economic gridlock is suffocating the financial giants. Their cash flow bloodstream is poisoned by unprecedented defaults in the secured and unsecured credit markets. There has been hundreds of bank failures since the bubble exploded.The U.S. economy is hanging by it's finger tips on the edge of the precipice. No one seems to have any idea how long we can hang on before we drop into the Bankruptcy pit. Just take a minute and think about the absurdity of the economic situation in the good old USA. The Country does not produce enough money to pay the interest on the increasing annual debt. Any other individual or corporate entity would be forced into bankruptcy by their creditors. But not the good old USA. We just raise our credit limit. Then we make a phone call to the people running the world and ask them to print us up some more paper with colored ink on it. We don't ask them for gold or silver. We somehow are allowed to pay our debts with worthless paper backed by absolutely nothing. So that allows the good old US to play the game of absurdity for another year.

   Individual financial survival should be at the top of your priority list. We must join as individuals to help each other survive the financial crisis. I have accumulated a very diverse real estate portfolio, capable of surviving in any economy. I will continue to use the portfolio to help other people survive and hold unto their freedom. Everybody that has reached this point on this website should stop here and go directly to Google, then to you tube and watch the documentary "THRIVE". I cannot over emphasize the importance of this request. I you wish to save our planet and the humanity that calls it home please watch the documentary "THRIVE".

         I would sell my 14 property Real Estate Portfolio as described on the Deal page to one entity and agree to consult for a limited period of time.  Now all alone, and no longer interested in wealth building for myself, I would like to help others do it. Some of my properties are natural  resource properties containing high quality pit run gravel, rich black loam top soil, lab tested sphagnum peat, and 50 acres(a 24 acre parcel & a 26 acre parcel West of Deer Creek with 1/4 mile of frontage on the creek with Water Rights allowing 3 million gallons of annual withdrawal  for irrigation), suitable for a number of different uses. I also own a Trout Farm capable of producing hundreds of thousands of Trout on an annual basis. These properties are not part of the property portfolio offering. My son lives on the Trout Farm and manages the business. When I sell my home in Olympia I plan to live on the Farm during the Spring and Summer months and help my son expand the business. 

        I started my entrepreneurial journey in 1963 with my wife and a $96.00 check my father gave me as a wedding present. That was all the money we had to begin our new life together. Before the bubble popped in 2008 my net worth was in excess of 5 million dollars. Over the next several years I watched a large percentage of that equity disappear as the economy began it's downward spiral. I intend to use the properties I am not immediately selling as survival land for myself and others who have a clear understanding of where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going.  I have been doing this for a long, long time. If you are still here and really would like to know WHO really lived my life, WHY it was lived the way it was lived, and HOW you to can LIVE a happy life, full of Love and the JOY of living, click on my CONTACT PAGE. I have started a book about my unique spiritual journey on this tiny rock we call Earth.