​         Have you ever said "we got a deal"? The "we" is two people. The "got" is the end of the negotiations. The deal is a contract that makes two people happy. You would never say those words if you did not think that your life situation would be improved by saying them.There have been entire books written on how to make a deal. The deal is what makes civilization move in a positive direction. Without the deal things stay the way they are. Stagnation is death. Movement is life. Change is what challenges the human spirit. The most important part of making the deal is performance. You must know before you say those four little words that you can perform on the terms and condition you have negotiated. The words are just dust in the wind without performance. The properties in the portfolio offering are all nice trouble free properties in great locations. As time goes bye they will increase in value through appreciation and improvements. They will increase in positive monthly cash flow as rents are increased. But most importantly, your money will be protected in first position ownership of REAL ESTATE. 

         Every Deal needs to be structured to meet the financial requirements of both principals. The Seller won't sell unless he receives enough money to fund the reason he is selling. The Buyer won't buy unless he can benefit from the purchase. Those benefits are not generally revealed to the Seller. I have spent this entire website letting the buyer know why I am selling. Why he is buying is no concern of mine. If the purchaser is not paying all cash for the property, and would like me to participate as a Lender, he needs to know my financial requirements. The sale price is $2,230,000.00 for the purchase of the 14 property portfolio. If I am to participate as Lender,  I would need a minimum of $1,230,000.00 down payment in order for me to consider a sale. Some of the down payment money would be used to pay off all the properties in the 14 property portfolio being offered. That would enable me to be the Lender on the entire portfolio. Deed release amounts in partial fulfillment of the $1,000,000.00 balance would be available if the purchaser decided to sell any of the properties within the portfolio. As Lender I would allow the portfolio to be held by a separate entity on approval of credit. The terms of the balance would be negotiated to the satisfaction of both principals. The  balance would be due and payable 5 years from date of closing. These are my minimum requirements. If you can perform on these requirements we should be able to put a DEAL together. After my rent to own contracts on my free & clear properties close at the sale price set for each property in the rent to own contracts, the purchasers of those properties within the portfolio, will be paying 9% on their unpaid principle balances. That means if I sell all my free & clear properties before a buyer purchases the portfolio, the buyer of the portfolio will be paying me prime plus 1% on the unpaid balance of the contract they negotiate with me while receiving 9% on the same balance from the closed sale contracts of the properties in the portfolio. If the purchaser of the portfolio did not want the closed contracts paying 9% I would keep them out of the offering. The 9 free and clear properties in the portfolio are all nice properties but the crowning gem is my commercial office building. If you do a little research on the value of my office building property you may discover that the location of the property that the building occupies is worth more than the price of the entire portfolio. The 180'X100' is on a high traffic count corner with a four way traffic light. The next traffic light going North is the entrance to Wall Mart. If you qualify financially for this opportunity you may now return to the home page. But before you do please understand that this website is my own creation. It has  much unnecessary, sometimes redundant. information that may put you to sleep. If you are a cut to the chase person click on the current properties link and look at pictures of the properties. The picture of me is a few years old, before I got back to my normal weight. I am what you see in that picture. An old, grisly, scruffy mountain man who thrives in the wilderness and I prefer to DEAL with people who clearly understand that I LIKE who I am.