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I am an easy going, kindhearted man who is available at your convenience. I am a teacher by nature and just love to share all the wisdom I have gained during my 50 years in the Real Estate Industry.  I love people. Every time I talk to a person it seems like I take more away from the conversation than they do.  So please do not hesitate to give me a call.

If I plan to enter into a business relationship with another person, I make it my first priority to find out all I can about that person. Since I am asking other people to enter into a business relationship with me, those other people need to know who I am.  So I am going to use this page to tell you WHY, HOW, and WHO is really responsible for the peace, joy, and happiness I fill each and every day I am on this planet.  

I was born in Tacoma Washington on February 1st 1942. When I was still an infant my family moved to California. We settled in the San Francisco East Bay area.  I went to Parker grammar school in Oakland. In the 3rd grade I began taking private trumpet lessons with a tough old German named Hans Alderman. He used to whack me in the back of the head if I did not have my lesson prepared.  He did this while I was playing the horn.  Needless to say I practiced as much as I needed to in order to survive my weekly  adrenalin rush.  The discipline I developed out of the desire to survive my trumpet lessons has served me well through my life. Isn't it nice that we human beings have a will that enables us to do what ever it is we want to do. I wanted to play the trumpet. It was not my parents idea it was mine, all mine. I had another tough old German for a Dad. He told me if I wanted to take private lessons on the trumpet then I would need to find a way to pay the teacher. At 9 years old I had to figure out a way to produce money. I asked my Dad if he had any ideas about how I was to begin my entrepreneurial journey.  He said he had a friend out in the country who owner a chicken farm and that there is always work to be done of a farm. My dad was raised on a 160 acre farm in Iowa. I will never forget my first work experience that earned me a pay check at the end of the day. We had to wait for the weekend as my dad was a supervisor  for The Western Electric Company.

Saturday morning finally arrived and we were off to the country. When we pulled into the driveway I saw this giant of a man standing out in the field surrounded by hundreds of chickens with an ax in his hand. My dad looked over at me and said "there is your new boss".  We parked the car and started to walk toward him. We were about 50 feet from him when he reached down, grabbed one of the chickens around the neck slapped  it down on a big oak stump and looped off it's head with his ax. By the time we got close enough to him to talk, he had a bloody ax in one hand and a bloody chicken's head in the other. Before we spoke a word to the grizzly old farmer he spit a big wad of slimy tobacco at the chicken bouncing around our feet spewing blood from the neck of his headless body. Just try to imagine what was going through the head of an 9 year old city boy. I do believe that image will flash my memory as I take my last breath on this planet. At the end of the first day I had earned enough money, cleaning up chicken shit, to pay  for my first trumpet lesson. I needed to figure out a cleaner way  to make money.

My Dad played golf and he would pay me to caddy for him. His bag was almost as heavy as I was at 8 years old. As I lugged this monstrous bag up and down the non stop  hills at lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland CA, I noticed that some people were pulling the clubs strapped to a cart with two wheels and a handle. They were not sweating at the top of the hills, but I was, so I started my first due diligence discovery. By asking questions I found out they rented the carts at the club house for 25 cents per day. It didn't matter how many holes you played it was the same price. The following weekend when we were driving to the course I negotiated a deal with my Dad. First I negotiated a 50 cent raise, then I asked him if I could borrow 25 cents which I promised to pay back by the end of the day with 10 cents worth of interest. He agreed to all the terms and conditions of my first negotiated loan. Over the next 40 years I built millions of dollars of net worth for myself using those same simple principles.  !) Create a goal that makes your life easier while at the same time increasing your monthly cash flow in a positive direction. 2) Do the discovery of all the facts related to your goal. 3) Negotiate the terms and conditions with a lender that will enable you to reach your goal.

      After I quit my job shoveling chicken shit. I got a job finding lost golf balls in the ruff at various golf courses in the Bay Area. When I saw a jar of used golf balls for sale on the counter where you pay your green fees, I asked the head pro where they came from. He told me he buys them from anybody at half the price he sells them for. When I found out that I could be one of those people who brings him the used golf balls I began my first sole proprietorship.  This job allowed me to be my own boss and I earned more than enough money to pay for my trumpet lessons.  I told you these stories so you could understand that I am a very simple man. I do not feel or think any differently than I did when I was 8 years old. My body doesn't move quite as quick as it did when I was 8 years old but my mind does not seemed to have changed at all. My mind has nothing to do with who I am. It is like a tool I pick up when I need to fix or create something. So that is who I am. An 8 year old kid playing the money production game who could care less for the money or what it buys. The only beneficial use of money  I have ever been able to discover is its enabling capacity to purchase  freedom. I have always appreciated that aspect of money. Money and the things it buys, except for your time, is nothing more than dust in the wind. Tangible items will never  be able to fill a spiritual void. We have been provided a body for a short period on time. The sole purpose of that body is to provide a central location from which our eternal spirits can mature into full enlightenment in order to avoid a return trip to this planet.

 Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?  Where am I going?   I never felt like I belonged on this planet and I still don't.  You will never be able to understand the answers to the last three questions unless you know the answer to the first one, Who are you? The answer to that question may take you out of your comfort zone.

So lets start this journey with Who are you?. But before we do please understand that I will be using words or the combination of words that may be unfamiliar to you. If that happens just realize they are simply signposts, pointing you in the direction you should go. 

      The body you walk around in has absolutely nothing to do with who you are. It is simply a container that allows who you are to walk the planet. The construction of the container gives you your first hint at who you are. Have you ever asked yourself how one cell released from an ovary in the dark recesses of your mother's womb becomes the suitcase that carries you around this globe of energy they call Earth. To explain that will take a little time. So lets dive into that single cell, wait for the sperms contribution, and see what happens.

     Inside this cell there are a bunch of molecules swimming around in a sea of water. The cell has begun a journey. It has no idea where it is going. All it knows is that it is drifting through a long dark tunnel. When all of a sudden it's wall of protection is pierced by an intruder. He introduces himself as Mr. Sperm and tells little Miss Egg that they have work to do. When she asks what kind of work, he tells her that they have to make a human being. When she asks how are we going to do that, he says we just follow the blue print stored in the memory of the Zero Point Field(DNA). So they roll up their sleeves and begin to replicate themselves. In about 5 or 6 months they get a knock at their door. When they opened the door they were greeted by this mysterious being who introduced himself as Mr. Spirit. We invited him in asked him what he wanted. He said he didn't want anything and then he informed us that we could take a vacation from our human creation activities and that he could finish the job all by himself. A few months later the job was nearing completion and Mr Spirit was very tired. The human being that he finished creating does not yet realize that he is a he but Mr Spirit has decided that he wants out of this confining environment. Once he made a decision that involved his will he became me. So I positioned myself,  head first to burst through the door. After several attempts I decides to stick the top of my head through the key hole of the door. I thought maybe I could  unlock it from the other side. But as soon as my head started through the key hole something grabbed it and started squeezing. At that point I realized I had made a bad decision, but it was to late. The instrument that was squeezing my temples as it pulled me through the key hole turned into a couple of giant paws that seemed to delight in trying to disconnect my head from my shoulders as they pulled & twisted my head until it popped through the key hole.  The rest of me seemed to slide out without a hitch. Immediately after my escape but before I could gather my composure  I felt these giant paws let go of my head and move to another part of my body. One of the paws took hold of my ankles while the other one start slapping me on my butt. The next thing this giant does is to cut of my food supply by chopping off my source of survival provided by my mother.  At this point my first conscious thought is to find my way back into the safe harbor from which I came. But the giants have other plans for me.  I realizes that there is nothing I can do about my situation so I begins to cry as a result of feeling my first emotion. What is this magic thing, called emotion, that made me cry. Was I sad? Was I in  mourning? What caused these tears to come out of my eyes? A light flashed and I immediately knew the emotion I was feeling. IT WAS FRUSTRATION!! What a shocking way to start on this road those giants call LIFE!!!!!! My first lesson on earth was that my emotions communicate with my mind.

       My display of emotion caused a change in my life. It was not a slight change. It was an extreme change. I went from the feeling of annoyance and anger too peace and love the moment that giant, who ripped me from the warm confines of my mother's womb, placed me back in her arms. What are these diverse emotions all about? Are they what I use to communicate my will. At this point in my short life I can come to no other conclusion. I drift off into peaceful dreams and find another world of communication. A whole new world that is nothing like the one my mind created when I was awake. My will does not seem to operate in this world. What happened to it? Where did it go? Why won't the people in this other world listen to me? They look just like the giants in the other world, but they seem to look right through me like I wasn't there. But I know I am! Maybe they are telling me something I am supposed to understand by watching their actions and listening to what they say? It does not matter for right now. I just discovered I get to live in two different worlds while I am on this planet. What a trip this is going to be! For some reason, I don't yet understand, I seem to prefer this sleep world I am in to that other nightmare world where I suffered all the abuse. I think I will just stay here.

    I had no sooner made my first conscious decision in life when out of the blue, I started feeling pains in my stomach. 
What in the world is this. Another feeling my mind must react to? This new feeling was happening to me as I was leaving the peaceful world of my dreams. As soon as I found myself back in the world of abuse I heard myself crying because of the pain in my stomach.  I can see nothing but shape and light. My mouth is wide open producing very high frequencies. All of a sudden I feel something soft with some kind of bump on it wiping my face. Before I realize what is happening to me the bump is entering my mouth. Instinctively I begin to suck on the bump but instead of air coming into my lungs, liquid begins to stop the pain in my stomach. Did the pains in my stomach cause the bump to enter my open mouth? As confused as I was, I knew one thing, what ever caused my stomach to feel pain, the bump had the effect of relieving the pain.So if that pain ever returned I now know what to do. I will need to search for the bump. Everything that is happening to me seems to be based on cause and effect that results in emotional communication between me and this skin covered enclosure they call my body. Things are getting very interesting.
In less than a day on this planet I have learned how to keep this body of mine alive and I also have the special privilege of deciding when I want to close my eyes and rejoin the dimension from which I came. So far so good.

    After drinking my mother's milk my eye lids begin to gain weight as I make a decision to go back to my other world of peaceful dreams. Just before my eyelids slam shut another one of those giants jerks me out of the safe harbor of my mothers arms and carts me out the door, down the hall and into another room with several rows of baskets in front of a giant window. Why do these giants keep doing things to me that I don't want done? Does their happiness come from torturing me? Why can't they just leave me alone???

     I blinked my eyes and this baby boy sucking on his mother's breast turned into an old man that will have gone through 74 of these time periods called years next month. During the next 174 years two minor events will take place.The presence that animates my body will return to it's source leaving this skin container behind, and there won't be one person left on the planet that could possibly remember who I was. So was the flash of lightening, called my life, meaningless or was there some kind of purpose for this magnificent experience between birth & death? Most people go through life thinking that they are their body taking directions from their mind.This mind of theirs seems never to stop talking to itself. It is constantly judging, forming opinions and allowing desire to be the captain of the ship.